Forest management

Gallanova’s comprehensive silvicultural advice is a product aimed at owners interested in optimizing their forest plantations, such as pine, eucalyptus, oak and chestnut.

Our service includes all the elements required for soil analysis, tree selection and planting, crop management, utilization and repopulation, and wood marketing.

We have been involved in the development of more than 15,000 ha. of forest plantations throughout our history.

  • Technical and economic planning
  • Compliance and administrative management
  • Selection and provision of plants
  • Certification
  • Soil preparation and treatment
  • Selection and supervision of contractors
  • Environmental impact assessment


We have comprehensive solutions for the production and use of biomass based on our technical and legal knowledge and our extensive experience in rural areas. Among our services are the following:

  • Technical feasibility analysis
  • Legal and administrative compliance
  • Due diligence
  • Certification
  • Market analysis
  • Logistics
  • QA
  • Planning and implementation of biomass-oriented plantations.


This solution consists of the introduction of special plants that act as hyperabsorbers of contaminants, particularly heavy metals, to naturally eliminate these elements from the soil. By using selected willow clones, we are reducing heavy metal pollution at a rate of 5% annually, without causing any negative impact on farmland.

This technology is proving particularly successful and attracts a lot of interest from farmers and the administration.

Research and innovation

Gallanova has been created with the vision of developing research programs and establishing collaboration agreements aimed at promoting new products, processes and technologies that maximize the quality, use and valorization of the endogenous resources of the Galician rural environment.

Gallanova also maintains direct and constant contact with farmers’ associations, researchers, material suppliers, installers, industrial consumers of biomass, metal recyclers, public administrations and other actors who must participate in the development.

Since 2016, Gallanova has had a leading role in the technical development of the FEDER Souto Plus project, established to produce chestnut clones suitable to improve the productivity of such plantations. During this time, we produced a series of materials, innovation system knowledge and a network of key stakeholders that positioned our company as a reference for agroforestry innovation in the Galicia-Northern Portugal Euro-region.

We are collaborating with the “Consejo Nacional de Investigación Científica” to develop special clones to absorb heavy elements, including heavy metals and other high-value materials.