Gallanova’s mission is to investigate and integrate the knowledge and availiable cutting-edge technologies to design and apply agroforestry production processes that contribute to the development of rural areas, in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Gallanova’s staff has extensive knowledge of different agroforestry and phytoremediation technologies.

Gallanova is based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and works with clients regionally, nationally and internationally.

We are mainly focused on the Galicia-Northern Portugal Euro-region, which has particularly favorable conditions for wood plantations and biomass production.

In this way, Gallanova aims to improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of production processes associated with the rural environment, guaranteeing the satisfaction, present and future, of the needs of its clients towards the market.

We offer our clients, among other services:

Analysis of technical and economic feasibility, project execution and regulatory advice on projects. Gallanova also designs, organizes and executes dissemination activities and training courses.

The company has developed dozens of agroforestry projects (plantations, environmental management, biomass production, etc.), supporting promoters throughout the initial design and planning of the plantation execution processes and the marketing of the resulting products.

Gallanova offers solutions to reduce ground pollution caused by the use of manure as fertilizer, a problem of growing importance both in Spain and in the rest of Europe.